Marriage/ Shadi/ Vivah

In Hindu Philosophy Vivah (Marriage) is one of the 16 Sanskara (teachings) on an Individual. It is performed in order to repay the debt of God and Fore fathers.

Marriage brings two families together. It is a serious commitment of a man and a woman towards each other towards the wellbeing of their own selves and family. Husband and Wife form the wheels of the Chariot of their life, which need to move in the same direction and at the same speed.

Well known writer V. S. Khandekar says "Life is nothing but the compromise between Birth & Death" and so is Marriage between Man and Woman. It runs on give and take.

Saptapadi - 7 Commitments of Marriage

  1. Always remember the divine.
  2. Always treat each other with sympathy, love and compassion.
  3. Help each other in all good deeds.
  4. Keep in mind pure and virtuous. Be strong and righteous.
  5. Show goodwill and affection to parents, brothers, sisters and other family members.
  6. Bring up the children in such a manner that they are strong in mind and body.
  7. Always welcome and respect guests.

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